Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Posted by Lorne Rubin

So I get a text Sunday that someone has two tickets for me to see the Arctic Monkeys this past Monday night. The guy says he is going to the Habs game and cant use them. After Monday night seems like we may have both lost.

I saw the Arctic Monkey back a couple of years ago when they first came on to the music scene. The first album was high energy and so was the show. That show was so memorable for me for an odd reason. As I stood outside someone asked me how old I was. As I told them ( 35 at the time), they responded..." WOW Good for you!! Coming to these shows will keep you young!!"

Fast forward three years..Two albums later the band continues to impress critics with the new album which is a little more mellow. Too bad ..

I may have aged three years..maybe even found some grey on my head..but if I wanted mellow I would wait for Air Supply to come back..

The concert itself ran along the lines of the album..Some mellow, some higher energy..some well lots that sounded like one long song!
The best way to enjoy the show was be part of the mosh pit and get a better feel for the show..I stood back with my buddy, watched the 15 year old kids take pictures on the iphones, text on the blackberry and realize I wish it I was put back into a time machine to be at a Ramones show..

Ive never left a show early in my life..I left this one at the encore.

As i left the show there were no comments for me about my age...All the kids were too busy messaging their friends next to them.

Happy Holiday everyone!